The File

Camerique maintains a general subject file of over 1/2 million images in contemporary black & white and color. We also stock a large percentage of retro imagery from the 1920's. Our subsidiary, American Stock Photography maintains a general subject file of over 1 million images also contemporary b/w and color. American Stock also has a strong file of retro images dating as far back as the late 1800's. Within that file are movie stills, actors of yesteryear, historical and lots of images on California from the past. (As for the retro imagery - due to the age of some of the photographs, the quality may not be up to our usual high standards.)

Because Camerique was established back in the 1970's and American Stock back in the 1920's, the majority of the file is in analog form (i.e. black & white prints and color transparencies). All new material is strictly in digital form. Image request that are filled manually are done so from only digital files. For the analog images that fit your qualifications, we will make low-res scans to create a light box for your viewing. Once the final image(s) are selected, we will create a hi-res scan(s) to be available to you via our FTP site.


In all cases, we must rely on our photographers to convey the caption information regarding the images that they submit. Sometimes additional information can be gathered by our staff and is included within the caption or the keywords used to portray the image. Occasionally we are fed some information that is not 100% correct. For this reason - we cannot be held responsible for any implications that may occur.

* Regarding the retro imagery, in most cases, we have captioned the photographs with information that has been handed down over the years.


Camerique holds legal model releases on most recognizable persons or personal property, with the exception of public gatherings or crowd scenes. We do not sanction the use of a photograph in any intimate manner or in conjunction with copy, which would be embarrassing to the model. Kindly check with you local representative if use of said photograph is questionable.

Regarding VIP's and personalities, we offer the images as a SERVICE and in most cases give editorial rights only. For additional rights, either the actor's estate or an appointed agency must be contacted. In some cases an additional fee will be required. Call your local representative if the need arises to use one of these images for advertising. We will be happy to direct you to the proper source.