About Us

Camerique has been supplying clients with stock imagery for almost 50 years. The original Camerique file was a black & white file based in Philadelphia, PA. That file was combined with the Stock Color Masters file and one of the Underwood & Underwood files from New York. It was from that point that we began adding our own production and also started to represent outside photographers material. Camerique continues to seek only the finest in professional photography from shooters from all corners of the globe.

Our files are continuously updated in keeping with diversified trends and requests. Professional handling of image requests and special assignments has earned for us an enviable reputation for fast, efficient, personal service. If you are not already among our growing list of clients, we look forward to the opportunity of serving you in the near future.

Our continuing commitment to offer the highest quality stock imagery both contemporary and retro material is reflected in the images represented on this website. Remember, the images shown are only a random selection in comparison with the hundreds of thousands of quality black & white and color images available from Camerique (and American Stock Photography) from us and via our many subagents around the world that represent our images.

Camerique is a rights-managed (RM) agency and doesn't represent any royalty-free images. We don't condone the use of royalty-free (RF) imagery, we just made a decision a while back to only market only the images in our file as rights-managed. We track all the pertinent information regarding the past usage of an image. We can also give the end user an exclusive on the image meaning that we can keep that photo out of the hands of competitors or flag the image so that it isn't used within a particular industry (industry exclusive) or for a particular use (usage exclusive). We also pass along any exclusive rights information to ALL of our representatives worldwide.